Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well yesterday my cousin who lives in the US surprised us with a visit. He stayed for dinner. Today his parents, who live in Emerald, arrived and are staying with us for a couple of days while they catch up with him. It is great to catch up with them all. All the socialness has made Dean a bit dizzy so he is having a quiet night while the visitors have gone out for Dinner. I left work at lunchtime and took Amy to the doctors as she had to have part of her big toenail removed. She was nervous as anything but was brave. The deed is done now and the healing can start. SHe is relieved to finally have it over and done with. I came from work late this arvo to find her propped up in my bed, foot on a tower of pillows.

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  1. Say hi to our cuz for me! Hope Amy's toe is not feeling too bad....and it behaves on her trip next week. Feel better soon Deano.