Friday, June 5, 2009

Dean was told a week and a half ago that his brain tumour that he had treated 13 years ago was back. Today is the first day of Chemotherapy for him. We had an appointment at the hospital this morning and had an information session. He was given the first lot of Chemo tablets to take tonight, so hopefully he won't suffer from nausea too much.


  1. just checking if this will work first

  2. Hi Dean & Lea
    I have just recently found about what is happening with you guys @ the moment & about the site you have setup on the internet. Dean I have always been impressed with your positive outlook on life and how you tackle situations in life with a can do attitude. While some of us in life just talk about doing things, you actually get in and do them, with this in mind I believe you & your family will get through this obstacle in your life with the same can do, positive attitude. All the best Dean - Zimmo (Stewart Zimmermann)