Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dean didn't have a bad day. Still very sore arms and legs and pretty weak.
We have to wash his clothes separately to ours. We didn't realise, until the info session last Friday, that Chemo makes the patient cytotoxic to close family members or carers. If he cuts his finger etc, he has to deal with it himself, and if I am handling dirty linen etc, I have to wear gloves. Basically we have to avoid contact with any of his bodily secretions!! Dean has to take his temp every day and if it hits 38 degrees he has to go straight to hospital for a blood test to see if he needs iv antibiotics.
Every thursday Dean has to get a blood test and then see the chemo nurses every Friday, to check that his white blood count and platelets etc are ok for him to continue treatment at the planned rate. If they are too low then treatment will be held off til everything is good again.


  1. to deano and family.
    chinup old mate, our thoughts are with you and your family. will be reading every day.
    tony (danny, retread) and amanda

  2. Thinking of you Detective,Gil,Sarah and Thomas say's hello and we hope to see your smile again soon.