Friday, June 19, 2009

Dean had his blood test this morning and then saw the chemo nurses. His results came back very good. Everything is within range and he can continue his chemo tablets. He is experiencing a fair bit of pain behind his left ear and down into the back of his neck. We are pretty sure it is from the nerves repairing themselves from his biopsy. Panadol seems to be taking the edge off.
We met Jenny (Deans mum) for lunch at Porters and then headed home. Dean has taken up residence on the lounge again, for a rest.


  1. so great to hear the blood test was good

  2. Hi Dean & Lea
    I have just recently found about what is happening with you guys at the moment & about the site you have set up on the internet. Dean i have always been impressed with your positive outlook on life and how you takle situations in life with a can do attitude. while some of us in life talk about doing things, you actually get in and do them, with this in mind i believe you & your family will get through this obstackle in your life with the same can do, positive attitude. all the best Dean - Zimmo (Stewart Zimmermann)

  3. great to hear there was some good news!