Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hi guys, well it's me again, thank you for perusing my comments as it does help me. I have spent allot of my personal time with a few gentlemen that were also informed with cancer matters, one fellow passed away a few weeks ago and that did spin me, however I will not let any negative thought entre my mind, I do believe this is helping me. Guys, please feel free to contact myself if you know anyone that would appreciate some communication and even just someone to talk to regarding a simular problem.

Thanks for your time, please find below a very close friend of mine whom has recently passed from an effect of that work cancer, believe me he was a very very strong man. All the best guys, thank you again for your time.



  1. Hi Dean,

    You are looking well, sorry to hear of your friend passing. I pop in from time to time but hardly ever leave you a comment. I will endeavour to leave you more in the future.
    Cheers Sharon xoxo

  2. HI Deano!! You're looking great, sorry to hear about your friend. Chin up and keep well.


  3. Hi Dean - so very sorry to hear about your friend. I do believe your positive attitude has a lot to do with it and also Lea's. Stay well.

    Debbie M