Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hi all, I do trust you are all fine, well I feel OK and are still surviving, like you all I am getting use of the wet wether and do hope you too are surviving. Well I have been spending a fare bit of time at the Sarina Hospital and this time I am the visitor and not the patient. I have been visiting a family friend with cancer growths in the neck to the lungs, this gentleman has been a great yet loverly friend to me and my family, however as of Saturday the 27th he passed away and this was hard to accept.

During my visits to Sarina I meet with my mother and brothers (photo attached) and this was great, and these pleasures helps me fight my medical concerns. Anyway, thank you for your time I do hope I can provide you with more, yet better news in the future.



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  1. Sorry to hear this Deano! You are so lucky to be able to call this man a great friend and I am sure he appreciated your friendship and support.