Saturday, November 28, 2009

Well, a very busy week here!! Amy was having fun at Schoolies until she became ill with Pharyngitis. She wanted to be picked up Wednesday. So Dean went and got her and took her to the doctors. She is now on a course of antibiotics.

Billys school held a Semiformal dance on Wednesday night and he really enjoyed getting dressed up and had a wonderful night. He finished Yr 10 yesterday, and moves on to another school next year for Yr 11 and 12.

Dean had more Iv yesterday and is also on tablets everynight for 2 weeks. He is pretty crook this morning, and is taking it easy.

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  1. No good Amy getting sick! The poor chook! Billy is looking very handsome there! Glad he had a great night. Thinking of you Dean! Take care of yourself and stay strong.