Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well, Amy has been delivered to Schoolies. Dean was feeling well enough to come. We had lunch with her at Fish D'vine, which was yummy. Then we dropped her off to the Martinique Resort. The Resort Manager gave Amy his number and told her to call him at anytime if she feels unsafe. He said he would prefer to be called out to a hundred false alarms rather then not go at a time when they really did need help. As a parent I really appreciated the care he was prepared to take for the young ones staying at his Resort. Amy has signed up for a couple of snorkelling trips and a few organised parties (foam party and wear your school uniform party). So after a last hug we left to head home. Much to Amys relief I am sure. :> Dean felt really nauseous by the time we got home and had a very quiet night. He is quite chirpy today. He has to have another blood test this Thursday, then more treatment on Friday.

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