Thursday, July 2, 2009

Amy and Billy and the 40 other students they travelled to NZ with, gathered bright and early at the Mackay airport at 5 am Monday. From a couple of reports home they are having a terrific time and Amy already needs more $ added to her card.(no surprise there). So far they have performed at a few Schools, had a Maori Cultural experience,visited a Maori village, enjoyed a Hangi, visited the Agrodome, had adjudicated performances and lots of rehearsals. Tomorrow they have an evening Public Concert.
They are certainly being kept very busy. (((So when does Amy get time to shop!!??)))
Dean and I arrived back from Blackall this evening. We spent a lovely couple of days on my sister and brother-in-laws property.It was unseasonably warm and it was great to catch up on the improvements they have made on their property, and also to meet their friends.
Dean has been feeling not too bad. His main complaint at the moment is very sore leg and hip joints usually starting late morning. He has been heading off for a lie down for a couple of hours about lunch time. He has a blood test in the morning and then heads off for his next IV chemo treatment as long as blood results come back ok.

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